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Enjoy our Cozy Abode tin candles. These large black infinity tins have a straight sided, seamless candle vessel complete with a flush fit lid. The lids snap closed for a secure seal with raised safety feet that keep surfaces cool and candles burning Sensationally.

-Morning Sangria is a fresh and fruity mix of lemon verbena, passion fruit and honey with earthy notes like cilantro, eucalyptus, and musk infused with natural essential oils, including bergamot, lemongrass, and rose.


Enjoy our clean-burning, luxurious candle. These have been carefully crafted, from our soy and coconut wax to the wick selection that will transform your mood and vibe once you light the candle.


Each candle is hand blended, incorporating our soy coconut waxes, phthalates free fragrances, and essential oil blends into a unique mix that is truly Sensational!

Morning Sangria Cozy Abode candle

  • Light candle to set the mood and release your favorite fragrances in the air around you.


    Trim wick to 1/4 inch (6mm) before each lighting.


    We recommend burning for no more than four hours at a time.


    Place candle on stable and heat-resistant surfaces away from flamable materials.

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