Handmade with love and care.

About Me

I was born on the beautiful island of Jamaica where natural and homemade are not just a fad but a way of life. Moving to New England as a child took a toll on my skin and I spent countless hours with numerous dermatologists to remedy my skin issues. After years of doctor visits, I have uncovered that I have chemical allergies and this sensitivity to commercial products requires the use of chemical free products. Once I committed to all things natural, all of my skin issues have gone away.

A bit about the soaping methods
Soap dates back to 2200 BC where a fat was mixed with ashes (an alkini) to create a reaction (saponification) to create soap. Making soap with this method creates a very gentle soaps that cured over 5 weeks and produces a long-lasting bar with ultimate moisturisation properties.  Today we call the direct heat method hot process soap and indirect heat method cold process soap.  I have taken that simple old process passed down through generations and added an artistic flair to craft my artisan bar.  

A little about Sensational Showers
Sensational Showers was born in 2010 from my need for natural and handmade as well as my passion of luxurious bath and cosmetic products. I belive that self care should not be a luxury but a nessecity, and for years I have given my friends and family this gift! Now I can share them with you!

- I hope you can enjoy my labor of love as much as I do!

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